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High quality blenders online at PRIMUS

Blenders are the ultimate kitchen appliance and have been designed specifically to make your life easier in the kitchen. Whether you're baking or cooking, a food blender can be a helpful and handy gadget to have in your kitchen appliance collection. From helping you to make soup to making homemade baby food, smoothies, cocktails and much more, a food blender can transform any food to the consistency you require in no time at all.

Whether you're looking for something simple and quick to use or something more versatile such as the Swan SP13040N, which is capable of blending, chopping, slicing, mixing and shredding, we have a blender for every application in our kitchen appliance collection.

Hand held food blenders

Hand held food blenders are ideal for when you need to whisk, blend or chop something relatively simple such as vegetables for soup or baby food. At PRIMUS, we have some great hand held blenders for you to choose from including the Swan 3 in 1 hand blender. This model is ideal for finely chopping herbs, blending smoothies, sauces and soups as well as whisking cream, baking mixtures and much more.

Hand blenders are simple and easy to use and take up very little space as an appliance, fitting easily into a draw or a cupboard. With all of our hand blenders, the attachments are dishwasher proof making cleaning them even easier.

Stick, mini & glass jar blenders

We also have stick, mini and glass jar blenders depending on what suits your appliance needs best. If you're looking for complete simplicity then the stick or mini blenders may be perfect for you. Stick blenders are ideal for anyone wanting to whisk or blend and are easily controlled by simple touch buttons. However, if you're more of a smoothie or cocktail maker then you might prefer a glass jar blender. These are great for making homemade fruit juices or cocktails when you have friends round and are an impressive looking kitchen appliance. You can pour your juice, cocktail or smoothie direct from the glass jug blender into glasses.

You can buy blenders online for delivery direct to your door thanks to our outstanding delivery service options. With brands you can trust, PRIMUS is proud to bring you only the very best blenders in our kitchenware range.