Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Accessories


Home Cleaning Accessories at PRIMUS

At PRIMUS we pride ourselves on bringing you the most revolutionary and high quality products and our cleaning accessories are no different. We all enjoy having a clean and tidy home but with work commitments and children, this can often be a gruelling task to achieve. At PRIMUS we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive range of cleaning accessories. From polishing cloths and window cloths to deep clean mops and much more!

Our selection of cleaning products have been designed with simplicity in mind. We are all constantly looking for the perfect cleaning solution that offers us a high standard of cleanliness without it nearly killing us and at PRIMUS we have just that.

Revolutionary E-Cloths

We are always searching for the most unique and revolutionary products for our customers which is why we are proud to bring you the E-Cloth collection. E-Cloths are a relatively new cleaning product which has changed the way we clean forever. These handy cleaning accessories do not need any chemicals in order to work, all they require is water making them one of the safest cleaning accessories on the market.

At PRIMUS we have an extensive range of E-Cloths for you to choose from general purpose cloths to glasses cloths, stainless steel cloths and even E-Cloth screen packs. Most of us now own a laptop, tablet or i-Pad and know what a nightmare it can be to clean the screens safely. Well we have an E-Cloth that will clean your screens safely and perfectly, leaving you with no smears.

Deep Clean Mops & Accessories

As well as offering a range of E-Cloths, we also have some great deep clean products such as the E-Cloth deep clean Mop with extra mop heads available. Our cleaning accessories are great for keeping your home looking sparklingly clean. No matter what surfaces or floorings you may have, we have cleaning accessories t suit your requirements.

The PRIMUS cleaning range is available for you to buy online at fantastic prices. All of our products are of the highest quality and are available for delivery to your door. There has never been an easier way to order your cleaning accessories.

Why not take a look through our home cleaning collections or furniture care products. We have an amazing range of vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners to compliment your cleaning accessories and all at affordable prices.