Digging & Border Forks

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Digging & Border Forks


Garden forks from PRIMUS

No gardener’s toolkit would be complete without having a garden fork or two. With the versatility to perform most tasks a spade is used for, but with the extra peace of mind that you won’t be cutting through your roots or damaging your precious root crops, having a garden fork will really make the difference in your garden. We stock a variety of stainless steel forks, including digging forks to loosen and break up clods of soil, border forks for more precise work in your flower beds and the ever so handy smaller garden hand forks, ideal for planting and weeding. All of these forks are available at PRIMUS and are just a few clicks away from being the newest additions to your garden tool collection.

Digging forks

Our digging forks are classic and traditionally styled, like the Moulton Mill Traditional Stainless Steel Digging Fork with 4 high quality stainless steel tines and a FSC certified wooden handle and shaft. Digging forks are perfect to use for turning your soil to aerate it and prepare it for planting. This used in a similar manner to your spade but you will usually find the fork excels in the majority of your gardening tasks. The fork can be pushed into your soil more easily than a spade and proves its use when loosening and turning soil, breaking down clods and removing stones which might halt your progress whilst using a spade. Due to the fact the fork has tines opposed to the blade of a spade, you can rest easy knowing you won’t cut through any large roots.

Border forks

A lighter and smaller member of our garden fork collection is the border fork. Our Moulton Mill Traditional Stainless Steel Border Fork is a strong stainless steel border fork with a wooden shaft and handle which is FSC certified. Having a lighter profile and a narrower head, the border fork makes work less tiresome and more convenient as well as being usable in more confined spaces, performing all the tasks you would do with a digging fork. The ‘D’ shaped handle provides comfort during use and the 10 year guarantee leaves you with peace of mind over the quality of the tool.

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