Fence Paints & Decking Stain

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Fence Paints & Decking Stain


Exterior paints for fence & decking

Your garden will always look its best when your fencing and decking areas are well maintained and treated. The weather can have a dramatic effect on your decks and fences and it is always advisable to use a specialist exterior paint and ideally a waterproof paint. Many fences and decking products will advertise that they have been treated with chemicals to protect them. However, this protection will cover the wood from rot and insect infestations but is highly unlikely to cover against the weather. With many of us now investing as much time and money into our gardens as we do the rest of our homes, it is important to maintain your investment.

Outdoor paints & garden maintenance

Despite your best efforts, the weather will always get the better of wood products outside making it a yearly event to maintain your garden fencing and decking. At PRIMUS we sell a range of outdoor paints suitable for garden fences, decking, sheds and furniture. Whether you are looking for waterproof paints, decking cleaners, strippers or stains we have everything you could possibly need when it comes to exterior paints, restorers and treatments. You can choose the perfect product from our extensive range to bring your garden back to life, brightening your wood products with the help of exterior wood paint.

The weather can fade your outside paint leaving your wood looking discoloured, old and tatty. This can result in your garden looking quite depressing and in need of some help. If you leave your fences and decking to continue to fade without protection from a waterproof paint then they could be damaged beyond repair resulting in replacement costs. However, if you treat your wood products with a waterproof paint as soon as they begin to fade then the effect will last far longer giving you a far more impressive appearance throughout the year.

Exterior paints for all purposes

The weather takes its toll not only on the wood within your garden but also on your patio areas, walls and much more. As well as our extensive range of waterproof paints for wood, PRIMUS also stocks an array of patio paints, exterior house paints, concrete paints and exterior wall paints so that you can keep every aspect of your garden looking fresh and clean. No matter what type of finish you are looking for PRIMUS have everything you need including exterior gloss paint so that you can restore any flaky, cracked or chipped paint you may have.

With our help you can fully restore your patio, fences, furniture, walls, decking and sheds to their former glory with high quality products at an affordable price.