Steam Cleaners

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Steam Cleaners


Clean your home with steam mops

It used to be common for us to clean our homes with regular soggy mops, but as times have moved on, technology has finally brought us steam cleaner mops! Steam mops are a great way to clean the house and home, as they use the intense power of super-hot steam to banish grease and get rid of stubborn grime and stains. If you’re looking for a floor steam cleaner, carpet steam cleaner or handheld steam cleaner, you’ve come to the right place. PRIMUS offer a wide selection of up to date steam cleaners and kits to get your home sparkling clean again. Check out our great range!

Sanitise with the power of steam

Steam cleaners are such a great idea because the sheer heat of them can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. That means your home can be safe and clean in a matter of seconds, whether it’s a gleaming clean kitchen floor or a sparkling table surface. Did you know that you can even sanitise children’s toys, de-grease windows and tackle grubby curtains with a good steam cleaner? Go for a handheld steam cleaner like our Black & Decker FSS1600-GB Steambuster™ for easy, multi-purpose use.

Brand name steam cleaners and kits

Our range of modern steam cleaner mops and kits includes only the best from well-known domestic brands such as Black & Decker, Karcher and Earlex. With these great steam cleaning appliances in your possession, you’ll find that cleaning up the floors, carpets and even surfaces becomes a breeze! Thanks to the easy glide action of a great steam cleaner, you can blitz the cleaning in a matter of minutes instead of endlessly scrubbing at burnt on stains or leaving areas to soak. For tiles and hard floors we have upright steamer mops like the Black & Decker FSM1610-GB Steam Mop, which gets to work in just 15 seconds and features a pivoting head to get in those corners and clean the whole of your floors. For carpets and fabrics, take a look at our range of steam cleaner kits and accessories, which can convert your regular steam mop into a carpet steam cleaner! There are even handheld steam cleaners on offer if you want a compact option that will blast away grime from those nooks and crannies.