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Toasting made easy with electric toasters

At PRIMUS we have a large collection of toasters available in our online kitchen appliances shop. With a variety of brands, styles, sizes and colours available, we have worked hard to bring you the most comprehensive choice of electric toasters available online. Let's face it toasters are far easier to use, control and toast bread with than the old fashioned way of using a grill. When you toast on a grill you have to constantly check your bread isn't burning and it is rare to achieve an even toast on your bread. An electric toaster is a must have kitchen appliance as it removes the stress associated with trying to use a grill. You can select your ideal setting and carry on with something else until your toast is ready!

Great value toasters at PRIMUS

At PRIMUS we stock a huge array of great value kitchen appliances including some great value toasters from well known brands such as Russell Hobbs, Swan and Breville. All of the toasters available online have been checked to ensure that they meet with the high quality standards that we hold at PRIMUS so that we can be sure you are ordering only the very best. This is why at PRIMUS we only use tried and tested products that you can count on.

Our collection of toasters includes everything from 4 slice toasters, 2 slice toasters or even 6 slice toasters as well as slim line and compact toasters where kitchen space is an issue. If you have a large family then you may find that the 6 slice toaster is ideal for you as it enables you to toast up to 6 slices of bread at the same time and depending which model you choose, you can have different toasting sections on different heat settings. These settings make it easy for you to please a range of tastes at the same time.

Want something a little different, try our designer toasters 

As with all of our kitchen ware appliances, our toasters range from the very basic stainless steel toasters to the bright and colourful designer toasters stylised to match with your existing kitchen appliances. However, if you are shopping for a new toaster then why not take a look at our kettle collections and get yourself a new matching kitchen appliance set. We have colours including purple, teal, cream, lime, blue, black, red and even pink! We have a wide range of colours to suit your kitchen style so we can guarantee that we have something for everyone.

Buy toasters online now at PRIMUS and use our next day delivery service so that you can enjoy your order faster than normal!